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Motor Industry Trends In The Future
- Nov 18, 2017 -

Motor development and production in our country started later, but the rapid development. The production and application of high-power motors in China can be traced back to the Cultural Revolution. All the semiconductor devices in the driving circuit are completely domesticized. They are logic operation circuits and capacitive coupling-in counters, flip-flops and ring distributors composed of fully-discrete components. Medium-voltage high-power semiconductor devices have been fully realized localization. After the reform and opening up, the motor development in our country ushered in the climax. The beginning of reform and opening up. The subdivision control of stepper motor has been basically mastered in our country. The research and application of linear motor started from the 70s of the 20th century. At that time, although some achievements were made in the research of linear motor in our country, Until 1990s, the widespread use of high-power motors in heavy industry in China marked the relative maturity of technology. Coincidentally, after forty years of development of the low-power motor industry, especially since the reform and opening up, rapid progress has also been made. In general, the low-power motor industry in our country can be divided into two stages of development: the first stage, comply with the development needs of China's home appliance industry, applied to the home appliance industry, domestic enterprises through the introduction of technology, equipment introduction and absorption gradually reduced with the developed Some of the country's disparity products have reached the international advanced level, but also formed a number of products with a wide range of market awareness of the brand; the second phase, with the rapid development of the automotive industry, the demand for low-power motor vehicles also led to increased demand for permanent magnet DC and Brushless DC motors and other small power motors rise. Prediction of future motor development Along with the development of modern high-tech industries, motor technology has matured. With the progress of many other scientific disciplines and engineering methods, for example, the development of power electronics, human power and high-voltage power electronics The advent of modern materials, the advent of new permanent magnetic materials and insulating materials, the development of network and IT technologies, the development of finite element analysis tools, the growing awareness of environmental issues and the use of renewable energy have led to the new Development and application. The future of the motor will be high efficiency, high power density, high reliability, low noise and good maintainability and replaceability direction. Accordingly, the development trend of the electrical machinery in several practical fields has been predictable. First of all, talk about the development trend of linear motor, linear motor system has the advantages of simple structure, light inertia, fast dynamic response, large speed and acceleration, high accuracy, small vibration and noise, etc. It is ideal transmission for all kinds of ultra- Way, in all kinds of high-speed, precision machining equipment has a wide range of applications. Its development trend is mainly reflected in the increasingly mature technology, the characteristics of increasingly industrialization and its more and more widespread application. In addition, the introduction of new technologies such as high-end CNC machine tools will have a significant role in promoting its development. Direct-driven permanent magnet motor, compared with the traditional drive, the direct drive of the permanent magnet motor to the user to bring more benefits. Removed the traditional gear, reducing the noise of the drive system, less maintenance costs, reduce the weight of the drive system and increase the system reliability, is one of the future trends and direction of the motor. Advances in the field of high temperature superconductivity also provide new possibilities for the development of electric motors, some of which have already done 3.75MW. High-temperature superconducting motor rotor contains high-temperature superconducting coils, the cooling device so that the rotor winding to maintain 25K to 30K temperature. The advantages of high temperature superconducting motors are obvious, not only the harmonic distortion rate is lower than the traditional motor, its overload capacity and efficiency are also unmatched by the traditional motor. Ultrasonic motor is a new type of motor developed internationally at the end of the 20th century. It breaks through the traditional concept of electromagnetic motor without armature winding and magnetic circuit and does not rely on electromagnetic interaction to convert energy. Instead, it uses the reverse pressure of piezoelectric ceramic Electrical effects and ultrasonic vibrations, the micro-deformation of the material through the resonant amplification and friction drive into the rotor or mover macro-movement. Compared with the traditional motor, it has the advantages of small inertia, fast response, good control characteristics and low noise. It can be widely used in the fields of micro-mechanics, robotics, precision instrumentation and household appliances. Maglev motor is the use of the stator and the mover excitation field between the "same-sex repulsion, attracting the opposite sex," the principle of suspension of the mover, while generating propulsion drive the mover in motion in the suspended state. As a result, there is no mechanical contact between the stator and the mover, resulting in high acceleration, low mechanical wear, easy mechanical and electrical protection, easy maintenance, overhaul and replacement, suitable for harsh environments, extremely clean, non-polluting environments and the need for field. The research of the magnetic levitation motor is getting more and more attention by the science and technology workers, and its development prospect is encouraging. In addition, the motor control is also to the intelligent development. Intelligent control in many applications have been applied, and get good control. For example: fuzzy control, neural network control, learning control and experts living in the control system. The biggest advantage of these control methods is that they do not require the controlled object to carry on accurate mathematical modeling and have strong robustness and are very suitable for controlling such non-linear and variable parameter objects of a motor. Compared with the mature fuzzy control, it does not need the exact mathematical model of the control object and can overcome the influence of nonlinear factors and has strong robustness to the change of the controlled object parameter. At present, fuzzy control has achieved good results in AC and DC speed control system and servo system. Concluding remarks Looking at the history of China's motor development can be found that the development of the motor has always been the embodiment of science and technology. Today, the motor industry is still an area where scientists and engineers are very interested. The progress of modern science and technology has changed the face and content of traditional motor technology and injected the latest contents. In order to meet today's diversified market demands, the development of the motor industry is still looking forward to.

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