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New Robot Gives Servo Motor New Opportunities And New Challenges
- Jan 11, 2018 -

Servo motor in the entire servo system is part of the implementation of the actuator, has been used in the industry for many years, to achieve the field of industrial control in all areas of precision machinery movement. In recent years, the country's vigorous development of industrial robots makes the development space for servo motors a new level, while new opportunities for development will also bring new challenges. The mature servo drive technology and new challenges will burst out what kind of industrial sparks, we look at each one.

Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Finance and other three ministries jointly issued the "Robot Industry Development Plan (2016-2020)", pointing out that six kinds of robots that are now required to be focused on development, from which we Three to analyze the new robot for the servo motor requirements, inferred the trend of the future servo motor.(Robots gear motor)

Arc welding robot:

Welding robot has been used in our country for many years, especially in the field of automotive manufacturing has been widely used. In the arc welding robot, not so much to speed up the development of arc welding robot machine, in fact, a fancy to a series of internal arc welding robot system integration: welding path planning and adaptive tracking technology, special digital welding power supply technology and welding Parameter auto-tuning technology (expert system), off-line programming and remote control technology, multi-robot coordinated control technology, robot control system and external axis adaptive technology, automated welding process information acquisition technology all reflect the arc welding robot intelligent in equipment The advantages.

Therefore, for servo motors, digitization is the most needed technology for arc welding robots: the servo control unit based on electronic devices will be completely replaced by a new high-speed microprocessor and a dedicated digital signal processor, thereby promoting the All digital. The realization of complete digitization is very beneficial to realize the software servo control, which makes the modern control theory of fuzzy control, neural networks, artificial intelligence, optimal control and other advanced algorithms can be applied to the servo system. Moreover, arc welding robots, like other welding robots, require a long period of continuous operation and thus require a servomotor to work long hours and require a relatively high heat capacity to withstand the heat generated by long-term loads, particularly near Servo motor welding head, in addition to high heat capacity, high resistance, of course, high accuracy and other requirements, to prevent dust from entering the closed design is also necessary.

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Vacuum robot:

Vacuum robot used in the semiconductor industry, mainly for the wafer in the vacuum chamber to achieve transmission. The semiconductor technology is mainly used in integrated circuits, integrated circuits and intelligent development is an important step, so the vacuum robot is the necessary equipment for the development of the semiconductor. In IC production, the reason why slight errors are not allowed is because the chips that are smaller than the chips need to be processed. Therefore, they are wrongly step by step and hard to find. Therefore, miniaturization and high accuracy are indispensable both for the entire robot of the vacuum robot and its components. There is no doubt that the servo motor is more precise than the stepper motor in terms of high precision. The miniaturization of the servo unit output circuit power consumption declined, the system has also been to reflect the speed, eliminating the noise.(Robots gear motor)

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Fully autonomous programming Intelligent Industrial Robot:

Fully autonomous programming The characteristics of intelligent industrial robots are their intellectual, autonomous programming awareness that allows them to adapt to a wide range of tasks, and its components, including servo motors, undoubtedly revolve around a feature that is intelligent. The current trend of all industrial control equipment development is intelligent, and servo drive system as an advanced industrial control device is also inevitable. Intelligent products are now the latest form of information-based servo control unit design. Which specific aspects of the intelligence, according to different industries and fields required intelligent servo motor direction is not the same, coupled with the country currently does not have a specific plan and policy, the specific objectives of the servo motor is not yet clear, but The direction will not change.(Robots gear motor)

Furthermore, as shown in the figure, if the future intelligent robot is designed in a humanoid form, to allow the robot to stand up, the instantaneous response and instantaneous high load are unavoidable for the servo motor at the robot "joint" Few conditions. Not only humanoid robots, but also the high response and instantaneous load of any industrial robot today have different requirements, and the high speed of operation is more and more important.

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From the above summary of challenges, in addition to the high precision, high resistance, instantaneous response, instantaneous overload and other conventional requirements, the servo motor digital, miniaturization, intelligent in order to meet the new trend of the new robot. In addition, related concepts such as modularity and networking for the development of industrial IoT have started to emerge in order to allow more integration of the servo drive system, anti-interference ability to work under extreme conditions, To a certain extent, be implemented. It can be seen that in the servo motor people expect it is a perfect height. We will also usher in a better quality of life under this perfect concept

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