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Proportional Analysis Of Servo Motor In Industrial Robot Market
- Nov 25, 2017 -

Since 2008, the sales volume of industrial robots in China has rapidly expanded. In 2012, the sales volume has reached 23,000 units. Industrial robots jumped from 3,500 units in 2000 to nearly 100,000 units. These growth needs mainly come from the automotive, metal, electronics and machinery manufacturing industries.

Robot industry growth in full swing, blossom everywhere, a large number of machine tool manufacturers, servo manufacturers and other qualified enterprises have turned to the robot market. Why Machine Tool Manufacturers and Servo Manufacturers So Actively Developing R & D Robots? Industrial robots have four major components, namely, body, servo, reducer and controller. Which servo and controller are machine tool manufacturers are good at, so a large number of machine tool manufacturers to choose the robot as a product transformation and upgrading of the direction.

Industrial robots control systems and automation products mainly related to servo motors, reducer, controllers and sensors. The servo motor can be divided into two blocks, one is the motor body, one is the motion control system.


The motor is used to drive the joints of the robot. The requirement is to have the maximum power to mass ratio and moment of inertia ratio, high starting torque, low inertia, and a wider and smoother speed range. Especially like the end effector (claw) of the robot, the motor with the smallest volume and the lowest mass should be adopted. Especially when the quick response is required, the servo motor must have higher reliability and greater short-time overload capability.

At present, high starting torque, high torque, low inertia AC and DC servo motors are widely used in industrial robots.

Servo control system

Is a mechanical position or angle as the control object of the automatic control system, such as CNC machine tools, robots and so on. The drive motor used in the servo system is required to have fast response, accurate positioning, and moment of inertia (the servo motor used in the electromechanical system has a large moment of inertia so as to be directly connected with the mechanical components such as a lead screw, etc. The servo motor has a special Of small inertia motor, in order to get a very high response speed.But this type of motor overload capacity, when used in the feed servo system, you must add acceleration and deceleration device.

The general structure of industrial robot electric servo system is three closed-loop control, namely current loop, speed loop and position loop. Under normal circumstances, the AC servo drive, through its internal function parameters manually set to achieve position control, speed control, torque control and other functions.

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