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Reakthrough In The Bottleneck Of The Development Of Key Technologies In Robotics Is Fundamental
- Mar 01, 2018 -

At present, China's economy usher in a crucial moment of transformation and upgrading. In the new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial changes, the industrial revolution centered on "intelligent manufacturing" is quietly coming. Industrial robots have long been hailed as "the crown jewel of the manufacturing crown." Since 2013, China's industrial robot market has boomed and has become the world's largest industrial robotic application market for four consecutive years. At the same time, the service robot industry has also achieved steady growth.

Breakthrough in the bottleneck of the development of key technologies in robotics is fundamental

However, behind the rapid development of China's robot market, the key technologies and core components of domestic robots such as high-precision retarders, servo motors and controllers are long-term dependent on foreign imports. Nowadays, a considerable part of the domestic industrial robot market share by the "big four family" of foreign companies, domestic robot enterprise development difficult. Have to say that the bottleneck of the core technology of robot has become one of the biggest shortcomings of domestic brands and international brands.

All along, the core technology of China's domestic robot market is dominated by strong foreign brands, while the development of domestic brands is relatively slow. As a high-tech robot, robotics must start with basic research just as a tall building needs to start from foundation construction.

He pointed out that robotics is a multidisciplinary, high-tech field with five key technologies: servo motors, speed reducers, motion joints, controllers, and actuators. The most important areas for Chinese robots to break through now are here Five key technologies.

The ancients said: nine of the stage, starting from the base soil. China's robot enterprises lack of basic technology research. In his opinion, in this regard, Chinese domestic enterprises must practice their merits first. To improve the internal strength, we must start from the basic research, the robot structure, dynamics, control technology, human-computer interaction technology and other theoretical research in-depth, in order to truly form a competitive independent brand. Therefore, the real rise of domestic robotics business also needs a process of development.

Industrial robots lead "smart-made"

Today, the robotics industry has risen to the height of the national strategy. When talking about the similarities and differences between "Industry 4.0" in Germany and "Made in China 2025", Tan Jianrong said that the differences between the "Industry 4.0" and the "Made in China 2025" in Germany are mainly in stages, processes and technologies. However, whether it is "Industry 4.0" in Germany or "Made in China 2025", the core is intelligent manufacturing, that is, the application of high-tech represented by robotic applications and 3D printing in the manufacturing industry.

In the new round of industrial revolution, the role of industrial robots is self-evident. According to the latest statistics, in 2016 China's industrial robots sold more than 90,000 units, accounting for about one-third of the global industrial robot market share. Industrial robots will play a very important role in the new round of industrial change. As industrial revolution progresses and deepens, industrial robots will be more widely used in the industrial field. Especially in the field of regular operation, industrial robots will have a huge market in these fields.

Service robots have great potential

At present, the development of service robot is very rapid, and the applications in such fields as home use, education, medical treatment, logistics, agriculture and the like are gradually popularizing. For the development of the service robot industry, Tan Jianrong pointed out that service robot is a general direction of the robot industry. Since China now has entered an aging society, the future demand for intelligent environments such as cooking robots, cleaning robots and smart homes will be very strong Big. Therefore, the service robot will play an important role in Chinese family life in the future. In the next few years, the demand for service robots will continue to expand, and the service robot market will also be rapidly developed.

It is embarrassing that the performance of the service robotics industry in 2016 is actually not satisfactory. In this regard, Tan Jianrong said that in recent years the development of the robot industry has attracted a large number of enterprises into the market, leading to a certain market overheating, but in fact there is no excess robot industry phenomenon, which is only the illusion of market problems. Only by starting from the basic research of robotics and through the research of basic theory can the domestic robot enterprises truly grasp the core technology and key technologies so as to enable the sustainable development of the enterprises. For our robot enterprises, basic research and cooperation between industry, academia and research are the only ways to go.

"Internet +" rise innovation of man-machine communion

In recent years, the concept of "Internet Plus" has started to emerge. All walks of life are seeking new ways of exploring "Industry + Internet" and manufacturing industries are no exception. The key to "manufacturing in the Internet +" lies in the substantial integration of the Internet with manufacturing.

The integration of robots and people is the forefront of robot development, and multi-disciplinary integration. Robot technology development has three major trends: the combination of hard and soft, the actual situation, human-computer integration. Robotics research should solve the application problems of robot from configuration selection, layout design, job planning, dynamics analysis, virtual teaching and simulation respectively.

Human-machine communion will become a new generation of robot force point, but also the world's robotics R & D innovation in the main direction. For example, in the field of industrial robots, through human-computer interaction, robots can learn work skills like human beings and coordinate their work needs. The relationship between man and robot will also change from master-servant relationship to cooperative relationship.

"Man-machine war" smoke again AI future shocked the world

Human chess player and Alpha dog "man-made Go battle", has recently become the focus of artificial intelligence. In early 2016, the Alpha Dogs beat the top player, Li Shishi, with a total score of 4: 1. Late last year to early this year, the Alpha Dog upgrade Master again swept the Go world at 60: 0. In the face of artificial intelligence menacing offensive, AI in the end what will bring human change?

In the two sessions this year, "artificial intelligence" was first included in the government work report. The development of artificial intelligence and robot a few years ago is still in a very slow stage, artificial intelligence technology began to tend to mature in recent years, the market has begun to develop. The "artificial intelligence" was included in the government work report, more shows the country's emphasis on artificial intelligence, which will play a very positive role in the future development of artificial intelligence, but also marks the official opening of a new era of artificial intelligence development in China The application of artificial intelligence technology in the manufacturing industry will surely bring new opportunities and new weather to the manufacturing industry.

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