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Reducer Has Become A Key Factor Restricting The Development Of The Robot Industry
- Nov 03, 2017 -

At present, the cost structure of the global robot industry in the reducer accounted for about 35%, while the core technology reducer, almost monopolized in the hands of Japanese companies.

For Chinese robot manufacturers, the higher proportion of key components is imported, resulting in a higher cost of domestic manufactured robots. In particular, reducer, the price of domestic enterprises to buy reducer to reach the prices of foreign enterprises nearly 5 times. This is difficult to form a domestic robot price advantage, only the annual output of 500-1000 units, have a certain scale effect. Therefore, if China wants to form a robot industrialization and get rid of constraints from foreign robot enterprises, and gain autonomy in the field of robots, it must make its localization on the agenda.

However, the progress of domestic enterprises in the RV reducer is limited, and the general fall into the technology - the price of the cycle of death.

On the one hand, as a pinnacle of the precision machinery industry, the technical threshold of the reducer is very high, and only a few countries in the world can produce it. The RV reducer is completely composed of high-precision components and gears, The material science, precision machining equipment, processing precision, assembly technology, high-precision detection technology put forward very high requirements. R & D domestic enterprises mostly through reverse engineering data, completely aware of it, but I do not know why. Therefore, although some domestic enterprises have made great breakthroughs in the technical level, but the domestic reducer in precision retention, precision life and product life there are research and development difficulties, the difficulties lead to the consistency of the domestic reducer is poor, the product Low reproducibility. Therefore, the domestic reducer can not yet form a mass production, the current can only rely on imports, severely restricted the autonomy of the market demand.

On the other hand, the processing and manufacturing of reducer parts and components of the equipment are very expensive, such as the United States and Gehler surface grinder, the single value of the equivalent of nearly RMB 10 million yuan. Amidst the amortization costs of equipment amidst sufficient production capacity.

So this has become a vicious circle, the cost is higher than the foreign competitors, the performance is worse than the rival, of course, high sales, and then it is impossible to achieve economies of scale. Achieve profitability, without profit, without lot, there will not be enough resources for technological improvement, exploration and development, there is no way to form quality control, there is no way to improve technology and performance.

The core components have always limited the rapid development of China's robots, so the early realization of accelerator localization is crucial.

The good news is that after several years of layout of RV gear units in China, some breakthroughs have finally been made.

Xin Baoda production by the deceleration motor has exceeded 1 million units, industrial robot joint reducer technological transformation projects, industrial robot joint reducer motor production line totaling 314 million yuan.

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