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Road Robot Made Breakthrough In The Country Is The Key
- Dec 28, 2017 -

Reducer is a key part of the robot, the cost of the entire robot production costs accounted for one-third. China is late to study on the robot retarder, the technology is immature, and is currently heavily dependent on imports. The retarder is the key factor restricting the development of China's robot industry. To overcome the retarder technology is the inevitable choice for the domestic robot industry.

Robot reducer classification

Robot reducer, according to the structure can be divided into five categories: harmonic gear reducer, cycloid planetary reducer, RV reducer, precision planetary reducer and filter gear reducer. In the accuracy, torque, stiffness, transmission efficiency measurement of the various performance indicators, they have different. Among them, RV reducer and harmonic reducer is the most mainstream industrial robot precision reducer.

RV reducer in the advanced robot drive has gradually replaced the harmonic reducer trend. Seventy-five percent of the world's precision retarder market is occupied by Japan's Harmonica Drive and Nabtesco, with Nabtesco producing RV retarders for about 60% and Hamonica Drive producing harmonic retarders for about 15%.

Robot reducer market size

China is currently serving about 9% of the global robot population. In 2015, the number of industrial robots in China reached 7,500, an increase of 36.6% over the same period of last year. Overall, the demand for the robot market only increased or decreased. Lured by a variety of factors, the industrial robot industry will accelerate its pace of development once again, and will enter the second period of prosperity or development in history, or will be fiercer than the first wave.Small DC motors with high torque

With the rapid development of industrial robots application market in China, the demand scale of industrial robot retarders also increases. In general, the number of decelerators required for an industrial robot is 4-6. In 2015, the market size of industrial robot reducer in China is about 1.15 billion yuan. With the development of industrial robots in the future, the Investment Research Center of China Investment Advisers predicts that the market scale of industrial robot reducer in China will exceed 4 billion yuan by 2020, The growth rate is about 30%.

Robots worldwide will become more and more popular. It is estimated that by 2020, service robot annual sales revenue is expected to exceed 30 billion yuan. Industrial robots, coupled with service robots that are increasingly being used in people's lives, have a bright future for the reducer industry.Small DC motors with high torque

Domestic robot with the status quo

At present, the robot situation in China is still very grim, most notably the lack of an overall breakthrough in robotics core technology. The core components are divided into three parts, robot reducer, AC-DC servo motor and controller. From the cost point of view, the current cost of the global robotics industry, about 35% reducer, about 20% is a servo motor, about 15% is the control system, machining body may account for only about 15%, the other part is the main application . It can be seen that the reducer is a key factor restricting the development of the robot industry, and the core technology of the reducer, almost monopoly in the hands of two Japanese companies Nabtesco and Harmonicdrive, all of our Robot companies are working for Japanese companies.

A higher proportion of key components imported, resulting in higher cost of domestic manufacturing robot. In particular reducer, the price of domestic enterprises to buy reducer is the price of foreign enterprises nearly 5 times. This is difficult to form a domestic robot price advantage, only the annual output of 500-1000 units, have a certain scale effect. Therefore, if China wants to form a robot industrialization and get rid of constraints from foreign robot enterprises, and gain autonomy in the field of robotics, it must accelerate the localization of the speed reducer on the agenda.

RV reducer in the world only a handful of countries can produce, in recent years, although the domestic production of RV reducer, product performance indicators to meet the requirements in the short term, but due to quality control and process problems, it is easy to wear and tear scrap , So few domestic robot companies use, the Chinese market generally rely on imports reducer.

In fact, during the "12th Five-Year Plan" period, the "863" plan of the state has listed it as a technical bottleneck in major tackling. Domestic top universities and research institutes have only a few years of research papers, there is no physical. In the past two years, with the development of industrial robots, some enterprises have started to invest in the research and development of domestically produced RV gear reducers. At present, most of them are in the technical research and development and research stages.

The technical difficulty of the RV reducer is that the part needs to ensure that a great torque is transmitted, a large overload impact and an expected working life are ensured, so a positioning structure is used in the design, which makes the machining precision of the part extremely demanding, Processing is very difficult, the scale of the robot is an important constraint on the processing equipment and processing technology.

Domestic RV reducer in the rated torque and transmission efficiency and other aspects of the smaller gap with foreign products, but in the torsional stiffness, transmission accuracy and other indicators of the stability and accuracy of the gap is still quite obvious, due to material and process level gap, fatigue strength gap Also more obvious.

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