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Robot Joint Motor
- Jan 16, 2018 -

A robot is an automatic machine that has some of the proposed functions under computer control. Robotic mechanical design is an important aspect of robotics. Robot mechanical design and robot servo control are closely related. The book focuses on the characteristics of robot mechanical design, including: introduction, robot kinematics design and analysis, robot static and dynamic analysis, robot pose error, robots typical mechanical structure, robot movement technology, pedestrian analysis and design, special Surface mobile robot, joint servo control and joint drive mechatronic design, resonance, friction, free-range, transmission error and its estimation, joint servo position detection devices.

The so-called economic-type ontology is divided into two categories: First, the domestic core components can be a breakthrough, the domestic robot companies can mass production of universal six-axis joint robot to reduce costs; the second is used in a field of special robots. For example, SCARA robots for the electronics industry, desktop robot belonging to the economy of the plane in the plane. In addition, truss robots for loading and unloading machines are also special planes. Such special robots are usually three or four axes, usually referred to as manipulators abroad. Truss robots, desktop robots and other specialized robots, usually to avoid the joint parts and components subject to the drawbacks of foreign companies. For example, the joints of truss robots are connected in parallel. The errors of each joint are not cumulative. Unlike the six-axis robots, the joints are in series. The precision of each joint is very high, and the error of each joint will accumulate, which will lead to the terminal work Great error Therefore, the plane can use less accurate transmission.

Since 2016, with the healthy development of the robot industry in our country, the sales of domestically produced multi-joint robots with high added value have been increasing year by year, and the proportion of coordinate robots has been declining year by year. The product structure has been continuously optimized in recent years. Compared with 2013, the number of multi-joint robots in China's total sales of industrial robots increased rapidly in 2015, while that of coordinate robots mainly composed of 34-axis robots dropped by 7%, while that of multi-joint robots decreased Up by 14%. It is estimated that in 2017, on the one hand, with the promotion of domestic robot applications such as the "Robot Industry Development Plan (2016 ~ 2020)" and other technologies, the robot industry technology, especially the high value-added products, will continue to improve The performance of joint robot products will be further improved. Meanwhile, the enterprises will also continue to optimize their products and improve the manufacturing level. The structure of China's robot products will continue to be optimized, and the proportion of domestic multi-joint robot sales is expected to further increase.

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