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Robot Writing To Become A Reality Reporter To Lose His Job?
- Dec 30, 2017 -

Recently, Xinhua News Agency released China's first media artificial intelligence platform "Media Brain", which includes 2410 (Intelligent Media Production Platform), news distribution, mining honey, copyright monitoring, face verification, user portraits, intelligent conversation, speech synthesis 8 A feature that covers all news links from leads, planning, interviews, production, distribution, feedback, and more. This represents an important step for Xinhua News Agency in exploring the direction of media intelligence.(24v coreless micro dc motors)

So how does the robot write manuscript? It is reported that the platform first through the camera, sensor, UAV and other ways to obtain new video and data information, and then through the image recognition, video recognition and other technologies allow the machine to understand the contents and news value judgments. The "media brain" relying on big data correlates newly understood content with existing data, retrieves and rearrange semantics to intelligently produce news articles. At the same time, artificial intelligence will also generate a rich media news based on text manuscripts and collected multimedia material through a series of processes such as video editing, speech synthesis and data visualization.(24v coreless micro dc motors)

The Dean of the School of Media and International Culture at Zhejiang University believes that "the media brain" can put people, objects, videos, texts and other information together in series. "Everything is the media, which is also a very important direction for the future development of news media."

It is understood that Xinhua News Agency has announced that domestic media agencies can use the "media brain" features and products after certification. In the future, the cooperation between AI and the media will be more in-depth and comprehensive, the era of smart media has arrived.

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