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Robots Have Emerged
- Dec 16, 2017 -

Boston Power released robot backflip video attention

Elbow elbow, forearm in the air after the draw a beautiful "fan" over his head, Atlas's entire body was driven up, foot pedal, the thigh force broke out, a backflip, landing perfect.

Recently, Boston Power released a robot backflip video, the reporter has been speculating gymnastics competition, "God explained," Campbell will give this action clean, no undecalated show score how much.

No matter how many points, "Shock the World" is affirmed - there is one more human ability learned by the machine and a high "display" of body skills that most people can not complete, which will inevitably cause most People's attention.

Foxconn students trap crisis that good machine substitution?

The Financial Times, a well-known world financial media, recently released reports that Apple supplier Foxconn acknowledged that students illegally overtime at its iPhone manufacturing facility, making it clear that Chinese companies are starting to make use of school students to fill their own workforce.

The Financial Times interviewed six people, who said that 3,000 students at Zhengzhou Rail Transit Secondary Vocational School were sent to their local Foxconn factories to get the "work experience" they needed. There, their job was to assemble the iPhone, and they learned at school about how to be a flight attendant and an urban rail operations manager.

Reported that, for now, China's manufacturing enterprises are struggling to deal with the problem of rising wages and difficult to find a flexible labor force.

According to industry estimates, by 2030, China's labor force will decline from 80.63 million in 2015 to 758.2 million. After working in the assembly line for 60 years, it is growing old after 70 years of age. After 1980, especially after the Internet age grew up, it is hard to accept the boring work style of Foxconn. At the same time, the profit margins of Chinese manufacturing enterprises have been downturn for a long time State, low profits will inevitably lead to difficult to issue higher wages to employees. So there will be "90 is becoming the most difficult to manage Foxconn employees" such news.

Female robots who have become Saudi citizens want children? Family is very important

In an interview with the Gulf Times in Saudi Arabia, Sofia, the first "robot citizen" in Saudi Arabia, said that it appeared that the concept of family was really important. If you have a family full of love, then you are fortunate; if not, you deserve too. I think this is the same for humans and robots.

According to reports, Sophia's answer is not pre-set, but through machine learning and interpretation of human expressions to respond.

Sophia, a robotic robot designed by Hong Kong-based Hansen Robotics, said she wants to name her daughter in her own name. Sophia's brain uses a simple Wi-Fi connection that loads a lot of words. Although she has some amazing ability, but not independent self-awareness. Hansen Robotics founder Hansen said they hope Sophia will have its own sense in the next few years.

Homicide robber turned out as small as bees killed invisible

Recently, a horrifying video was made public at a UN arms convention held in Geneva ... The United States was in a panic. It was a sleepless night in Paris, Paris. Although China was free from worries for the moment, I am afraid that we should lift the spirit of the Twelve in the future!

This video was released last week at the UN morning meeting with representatives from more than 70 countries. Why a common meeting causes panic in the world? Because it exposes a horrible weapon in human history - a killer robot! The killer robot is not the human-shaped machine people imagine, but it's far more terrifying than Johnson Scarlett in Ghost in the Shell.

First of all, it's a small, smart UAV, just as big as a bee, but its processor is 100 times faster than a human being and can evade all kinds of human tracking. Secondly, the bees are small and all-pervading, especially the black technology of its whole body: wide-angle camera, sensor, facial recognition, everything. As long as the target image information input to it, it will be able to scalpel-like targets to find combat, wear masks, disguise all useless, its recognition rate of up to 99.99!

Two major factors or detonated the domestic industrial robot market

Modern factories, 24 hours a day busy robots and occasional shuttle back and forth inspection equipment staff, is constantly replacing the traditional large-scale production line workers.

The rapid growth in the number of industrial robots in the world confirms that industrial upgrading is accelerating. The Chinese Institute of Electronics Research estimates that the global robot market will reach $ 23.2 billion by 2017, an average growth rate of nearly 17% over the past five years. Among the three types of robots, industrial robots account for 63%, specialty robots account for 24% and service robots account for 13%.

The growth rate of industrial robots in the domestic market is particularly rapid, has become the world's largest industrial robot market. The Chinese Institute of Electronics expects the domestic robot market to reach US $ 6.28 billion this year by 2017, an average growth rate of 28% over the past five years. Among them, the industrial robot market is as high as 4.22 billion U.S. dollars, accounting for 67% of all types of robots.

For the domestic industrial robot industry, the application level to broaden and domestic replacement rate has become a key factor in the development of two major good industries.

"Substitution machine" wave of less human cooperation is the trend

In recent years, with the rising market demand and the support of capital policies, the development of robots has gradually taken the fast track and the robots can also handle more and more jobs. The "substitution machine" program has been vigorously carried out all over the world.

Perhaps tasted the sweetness of "machine replacement", some companies use layoffs to save more manpower costs. To this end there have been many discordant voices such as robbers robbed of human beings and robots replacing humans. In fact, humans and robots are an interdependent relationship. If they work independently of each other, many problems will inevitably occur. Only people and robots work in coordination, is the trend of the times.

AI medical fire how strong Johnson also have to start doing robots

According to the Economic Observer newspaper, Johnson & Johnson Medical Innovation Center recently debuted at the Texas Medical Center in the United States. According to insiders, according to Johnson & Johnson, this innovation center is mainly responsible for research and development of giant medical equipment to reduce surgical invasiveness. The innovation center is headed by Johnson & Johnson Medical Vice President, also a medical doctor and former surgeon.

The distance from Johnson & Johnson China Region, Johnson & Johnson Asia Pacific Medical Devices Group Meng Qiming revealed the Johnson and Johnson across the board into the AI signal only a difference of more than a week. In a recent interview with Economic Observer, Meng Qiming revealed that Johnson & Johnson has stepped into the AI medical circle and will greatly push forward the development in this area. On the AI layout, Meng Qiming said Johnson wants to be a surgical robot to guide the surgeon.

2030 robots will rob 800 million jobs

A survey shows robotic automation will rob 800 million people worldwide by 2030, affecting one-fifth of the world's workforce.

According to the BBC report on November 29, the latest survey released by the McKinsey Global Institute covers 800 jobs in 46 countries around the world, saying the machine operation and food-related industries will be the hardest hit.

Compared with developing countries, the developed countries are the most affected, and one-third of the labor force in developed countries such as Germany and the United States may need to receive re-employment training. By 2030, 39 million to 73 million jobs will be replaced by robots in the U.S. alone, but only 20 million unemployed workers can easily switch jobs. Due to the limited automation of investment robots, the impact on developing countries is relatively small. The report predicts that only 9% of Indian jobs will be replaced by robots by then.

From the Tokyo Robot Show to see the industrial development benchmark

The Tokyo Robot Show, one of the largest international robotics exhibitions in the world, was held in Tokyo, Japan from November 29 to December 2, and the world's newest industrial, domestic, educational, agricultural, living and care and disaster relief robots The products are all unveiled.

This year, a total of 612 exhibitors and organizations participated in this exhibition. This exhibition is the largest one in the history of the year with the display of robotics, products, artificial intelligence (AI), big data (BIG DATA), the Internet of Things (IoT) . The exhibition site is extremely popular, crowded, exhibitors level much higher than the major domestic robot show, the Chinese audience is particularly high.

Industrial robots range of applications from the past widely in the automotive, electronic components industry, extended to the food, cosmetics, medical and other industries. Mitsubishi Electric, Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Yaskawa Electric and other robotics manufacturers, but also began to use AI technology to make the robot easier to use, more precise and efficient movements.

"Hungry Mody" test robot feeding service to "artificial intelligence" era

As robotics continues to mature, more and more industries begin to develop robots that can partially replace robots, robotics attendants in the foodservice industry, and robotic couriers in the courier industry. Now even take-away companies also have robot dispensers. Recently, there is a take-away company to showcase the newly developed take-away robot. After taking the take-away from the rider on the ground floor of the office building, the robot can take the takeaway to the user's floor by itself. Users simply input the order phone number, Complete the meal.

Hungry Recently released the first take-away robot called "Wanjiao hungry", mainly for the end of the building distribution, has now been tested in some office buildings in Shanghai. This robot supports a maximum load of 80 kg, one can load 3 to 4 different takeout, but also equipped with incubators. The takeaway delivery rider simply takes the takeout into the robot incubator, and the robot can automatically plan the path and take the elevator to the designated floor. Arrived at the designated floor, the robot will automatically dial the user's phone, voice to inform the user to come to take a meal, the user input the phone number to complete the meal.

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