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Safety Education Training
- Jul 23, 2018 -


In the afternoon of 21st July, Shenzhen Sinbad Motor held the training "safety education" in the conference room of the factory, Mr Rongsheng Hou(Security officer)Mr.Wanping Feng(Head of workshop production),Ms.Huang Li (administration manager), and all the staff of the factory.



During the explaining "safety training", Huang Li manager emphasized the attention of the workshop production, and used the knowledge of behavior and theory to make the whole training more interesting and easily to understand.





Mr. Qisheng Hou, the chairman of Sinbad Motor, pointed out that the security work is the most important part . The main meaning is not only knowing but also in the action. Again request all the employees are required to strictly abide by the company's related safety management rules and regulations to live up to understanding safety, know danger and know how to avoid danger.

After the meeting, all staff carried out Emergency Evacuation Rehearsal.


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