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San Francisco Prohibited Automatic Delivery Robots From Entering Downtown
- Dec 22, 2017 -

According to U.S. media reports on December 7, San Francisco city government officials recently announced strict restrictions on automatic delivery vehicles / robots.

San Francisco prohibited automatic delivery robots from entering downtown

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, under the pressure of lobby groups, the San Francisco board of supervisors has strictly banned major corporations from operating more than three automatic delivery prototypes, with no more than 10 machines running in city streets and no access Traffic jam downtown.(12v DC motor coreless motor for the leading motor)

San Francisco, as the United States technology center, this measure may be surprising. However, some organizations made it clear that they are concerned about the future. The "raging" of robots may cause inconvenience to the elderly, children and the disabled.

Douglas Schmidt, a computer science professor at Vanderbilt University, reportedly said differently, saying most people are scared of automation that would throw them out of work. With the popularization of automation, more and more people will face joblessness, so more similar voices will appear in society.(12v DC motor coreless motor for the leading motor)

For hundreds of years, mechanical automation has eliminated some jobs and created new jobs. Since automation has given the United States a long-term dominance in the global economy, Americans have always been positive about it.

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