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Sinbad Launched 16mm Diameter Brushless Motor
- Oct 27, 2018 -

Sinbad has introduced a new high-efficiency DC brushless servo motor, the diameter is only 16mm.


Sinbad introduces 16mm series brushless motors to set new standards in terms of specifications and weight. It provides high speed and high efficiency, and solves the problem of high vibration and high heat.

This series of motors is therefore ideal for applications requiring high power and limited installation space (such as hand tools).


1 . for high demand applications


The new high-efficiency brushless motor produced by Sinbad has a diameter of 16mm and adopts two magnetic pole technology. Due to its compact construction and excellent performance, this series of motors is especially suitable for demanding applications such as dental hand tools, medical robots, electric fixtures, laboratory equipment, professional hand tools or robots.


With a maximum speed of 100,000 rpm and an output power of 96 W, the XBD16 series motors can meet the most demanding applications. For applications that run long and require a lower case temperature (such as high-speed hand tools), Series 16 motors are the ideal solution.


2. constant speed, smooth operation


Sinbad 16 series motors can also provide a continuous output torque of nearly 19 mN to meet different load requirements. This series of products has a smooth speed torque characteristic curve, which can minimize the fluctuation of speed, ensure constant speed and stable operation.


For special applications, this series of motors can also generate instantaneous torques higher than 30 mNm. In the past, such high performance was only possible with large-size motors.


3. silent operation, precise control


As the long shape, low vibration and quiet operation, the XBD1640Q and XBD1640H series of motors are ideal for low-noise hand tools, which will not cause operator fatigue even after prolonged use. Due to the low rotor inertia, the motor can be precisely controlled by the drive and the operation is stable.

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