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Sinbad Motor Challenges The Impossible
- Oct 31, 2018 -

Recently, ZTE was sanctioned by the United States, causing concern and reflection. Although the US has temporarily negotiated the sanctions decision, it cannot be regarded as another education and warning to the Chinese manufacturing industry. Although China is a big manufacturing country in the world, many core components in high-end manufacturing and machine manufacturing have long been subject to non-domestic constraints.


At present, the hollow-cup motor manufactured by Sinbad has the same advantages as its international motor industry, and can quickly lead many industry breakthroughs and quickly move toward international leading position.


It is reported that the emergence of hollow cup motors can quickly promote the development of lightweight intelligent machinery, and its contribution to the fields of intelligent robots, precision instruments, drones, medical instruments, communications, etc. is even more immeasurable.


We will wait and see, Sinbad continues to innovate in the field of research and development of electric motors, creating a miracle of infinite impossibility, and the era of Chinese manufacturing industry will gradually become history.

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