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Sinbad Motor Company's May Commendation Conference - Rewarding Outstanding Employees
- Jul 03, 2018 -

On June 22nd, the company commended the meeting. The advanced collective representatives, excellent employee representatives, middle managers and employee representatives from all departments and positions of the company gathered together to hold the company's June 2018 “Full attendance Award” commendation meeting. In May, the company's employees were full-time employees with outstanding performances, and they also held cash prizes.


Manager Liu and Manager Feng draw the third prize winner


Vice President Feng draws the second prize winner


Chairman Hou extracted the first prize winner

The commendation meeting was not only the winners, but also the employees who did not win the prize. They were also the guardians of the position, and they made great contributions to the company. Therefore, the company also sent small gifts for these outstanding employees.



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