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Sinbad Motor Debuted At Japan Motor Technology Exhibition
- Apr 07, 2018 -

At the same time as the Shanghai Medical Device Exhibition ended, Sinbad Motor Brushless Motor was unveiled at the professional motor technology exhibition in neighboring Japan. Held at Tokyo Big Sight. The exhibition is held once a year and has a history of 30 years. At present, it has become Asia's most influential exhibition of motor, electromechanical equipment components and materials.


Japan Motor Technology Exhibition is a professional motor exhibition. Exhibits include motors (micro motors, step motors, DC motors, etc.), motor control systems and devices (motor control systems and servo systems, drives, governors, etc.), Magnetic materials, test instruments and equipment (dynamic balancing machines, power testers, dynamometers, etc.) and related ancillary products (molds, fans, cores, shafts, punchings, end caps, etc.)


According to statistics, mechanical and electrical products have become one of Japan's major imports from China. With the continuous improvement in the level of internationalization of Chinese companies and the continuous upgrading of product quality, Chinese-made mechanical parts and electronic parts and components have met the requirements of the Japanese market. With the recovery of the Japanese economy, the market demand has rapidly increased, so the Japanese market There is huge room for the demand for electronics and machinery parts made in China. As a professional brushless DC motor R&D and manufacturing company, Xinbaoda Motor also attaches great importance to the Japanese market and hopes to strengthen cooperation with Japanese customers. This exhibition can better demonstrate Sinbad brushless motor products, so that more Japanese customers understand Sinbad motor.


Here, I wish the exhibition a smooth progress and achieve good results!

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