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Sinbad Motor Realizes Flexible And Reliable Precision Capture
- Oct 27, 2018 -

The small size but fast and powerful medical mechanical fixtures still rely mainly on pneumatic technology, because compressed air can transmit power immediately, but its supply requires complex systems to support, therefore, high costs are required to ensure that every production step is under sufficient pressure. 


Fortunately, today's fixture mechanics subvert the traditional pneumatic technology, making electric technology possible, thanks to its use of Sinbad's DC brushless servo motor.



Fast crawling to increase production efficiency



Picking and placing small parts in the right place is a standard task in many machining and assembly processes, but it is equally applicable to other industries.


For example, modern large laboratories process approximately thousands of blood, DNA, or drug specimens distributed on a pipette per minute. These trays are picked up by small robots and transported to the next inspection point.


So far, industrial fixtures still use pneumatic drive technology, which is related to traditional and practical applications. Pneumatic actuators have a high power density and can generate a large force in a small volume range. The force transmission has almost no delay. As soon as the control valve is opened, the input compressed air can complete the clamping action.


Sinbad motor powerful power


Powerful power relies on the Sinbad 40mm series of DC brushless servo motors. The motor is optimized for high power density. In other words, the maximum torque and power can be obtained based on the original size. Not only it is compact and sturdy, but also it is inexpensive and can be automated.


Sinbad drive system can be used highly flexibly for electric fixtures


Whether in the fully automatic or cooperative working mode, the grasping and moving operations of small and medium-sized work pieces require flexible strength and high speed.


The electric fixture system features sensitive, flexible grip control and precise, synchronized performance, requiring maximum power in the smallest possible space.

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