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Sinbad Participates In Hong Kong Global Exhibition In 2018
- Oct 19, 2018 -

On Oct 12th, 2018, Sinbad participated in the Hong Kong Global Sources Exhibition, this time it is the world's largest mobile e-purchasing exhibition, bringing together more than 3,700 booths of mobile electronic equipment and motor parts companies, including from the United States, Japan, South Korea, German and other foreign companies, domestic and international brands will compete on the same stage, to maximize the value of trade fairs!



Sinbad Motor also exhibited new products such as coreless brushed dc motor, coreless brushless dc motor, stepper motor and other main push series, which attracted a lot of foreign customers, including electronic locks, electric scooters, balance cars and other fields. The company expressed great interest in the products, and provided detailed consultation on the cost of motor parts and technical issues. We have provided practical and effective solutions and hope to cooperate in this cooperation.


At the same time, we reached a cooperation agreement or intention with many customers. We also had friendly exchanges with our peers through this exhibition, and made many new friends, and learned the latest market of the motor industry, which strengthened the correct direction of the enterprise, and also bring new opportunities for Sinbad motor's development.

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