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Talking About The Application Of Reducer Industry
- Mar 23, 2018 -

The speed reducer is a kind of power transmission organization, which is indispensable in the dust removal system. It mainly uses a gear speed changer to decelerate the electromechanical revolution exhibition rotation number to the desired revolution rotation speed and obtain a large torque organization.

In today's organization for the transmission of power and sports, the use of speed reducers is very extensive. It can be found in all types of mechanical transmission systems, from ships, automobiles, locomotives, heavy machinery for construction, processing equipment and automated production equipment used in the machinery industry, to household appliances common in daily life. , wall clocks, etc. Its use from the transmission of high power, to a small load, accurate point of view transmission can see the use of reducer. For industrial use, the speed reducer has functions of deceleration and addition of torque, and is widely used in the conversion of speed and torque.

Except for the broken shaft of the reducer caused by the poor concentricity of the output device of the reducer, the output shaft of the reducer is broken if the reasons are as follows:

First and foremost, the selection of faults leads to a shortage of gearboxes. Some users mistakenly believe that only the additional output torque of the selected reducer satisfies the requirements of the job, but it is not true. First, the additional output torque of the motor is multiplied by the reduction ratio, and the obtained value is in principle smaller than The additional output torque of the similar reducer supplied by the product sample, together with the overload of the drive motor and the maximum operating torque required in practice.

Theoretically, the maximum working torque required by the user must be less than 2 times the extra output torque of the reducer, especially in some occasions it is necessary to strictly abide by this principle. This is not only the maintenance of the reducer, but also the most important thing is to prevent the deceleration. The output shaft of the machine is broken. This is mainly because if there is a problem with the device, the output shaft of the reducer and its load are stuck. At this time, the overload of the drive motor can still make it continue to increase the output, and thus, the output bearing of the reducer may be affected. The torque exceeds 2 times of its extra output torque and the output shaft of the speed reducer is broken.

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