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The 18th Shanghai International Motor Show In 2018
- Apr 10, 2018 -

The 18th Shanghai International Motor Show in 2018

Time: May 25-27, 2018

Venue: National Convention & Exhibition Center (Hongqiao, Shanghai) - No. 333, Zeze Avenue, Qingpu District

Conference official website: www.motor-expo.com

     Since the first exhibition of MOTOR CHINA was held in 2001, the motor exhibition has gone through 17 years. Every year motor industry professionals from all over the world gather in Shanghai to collect the latest market and product information, and seek cooperation partners and actively Participate in industry forum lectures. In order to expand the influence of the exhibition and enhance the scale of the exhibition, the 2018 18th Shanghai Motor Exhibition (MOTOR CHINA 2018) moved to the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center, scheduled for May 25-18, May 1818, May 2018 Invites a large number of industry professionals to participate in the 18th Shanghai Motor Show (MOTOR CHINA), hoping to promote the development and development of a better motor industry market through the Shanghai Motor Show, and promote the development of motor companies, supply companies and ancillary products companies. win-win.

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