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The Development Direction Of Planetary Gear Reducers
- Jul 16, 2018 -

Planetary gear reducers are gear ratio accurate compared to other transmissions. Stable, efficient, and the power delivered can be large. Therefore, it has continuously improved with the rapid development of science and technology. The current development direction is as follows:

1) Adopting materials, blanks, hot working processes, mechanical processing techniques suitable for various gear load characteristics, and appropriately improving the accuracy, gear tooth direction modification, striving for high bearing capacity, long life, less failure, high reliability, Low noise, stable operation and reliable sealing;

2) Using computer technology to optimize the gear transmission parameters, the displacement gear is used to make the tooth surface contact strength, the root bending strength and the relative strength, life and reliability between the gears of each level are basically equal. Accurately design and rent the main conditions such as shafts and bearings, give full play to the performance of each machine, save materials, reduce volume and quality.

3) Studying a new new tooth-shaped structure with good meshing performance and high bearing capacity and forming a product;

4) Create famous brands and patented products. Many companies are working hard on this.

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