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The Development Of Coreless Motors In The World
- Oct 15, 2018 -

The development of micro-motor industry has a long history and a wide variety. The average amount of motor used in each household represents a country's progress. The coreless motor in has become an important component of industrial machinery and equipment, electrical products, automobiles, motorcycles and office OA machines and communications products. Its demand and growth rate are considerable, and the usage has increased significantly in the past two years. Therefore, in the future, the coreless motor function needs to be measured with the development of new products and the actual needs of manufacturers, the potential of the entire international market is great, the following is the market forward-looking analysis.


(1) Household appliance motor

Micro-motors and control technology are the core technologies of modern home appliances. There are many types of motors for home appliances, and the number is large. Although it is a mature market, the coreless motor emphasizes the product's multi-function, energy-saving, low-noise, low vibration, and is in line with home appliances. In the future, the design, production, and testing of high-quality effects will greatly increase the market in the future.


(2) Communication, computer peripheral products


The demand for the kind of high-precision micro motors is increasing, and the quantity growth is very striking. The combination of electronic control has high added value and great potential for future development.



(3) Micro-motors for automobiles


Car sales are on the rise, and the number of applied electrical appliances is increasing. The automatic quantitative electronic fuel injection system replaces the traditional carburetor. The ABS brakes are replaced by coreless motors. One car has been increased from the traditional dozens of motors to thirty or forty, and even more than eighty motors.


(4) Micro-motors for electric tools


The conversion of industrial products into portable tools for household use makes advanced electric tools and household electrical products popular. Due to the stricter requirements on the performance of electrical appliances, hollow cup motors have a huge market prospect in this industry.


(5) Multi-field applications of coreless motors


For example, the number of satellite receiver steering motors, lawn mowers, motors for handicapped vehicles, and servo motors for CNCs has increased year by year, while the number of brushless motors for computers and advanced appliances has increased the most, tens of millions of units.


(6) Industrial motors


It has always been driven by the international boom, new industrial countries have increased, equipment has been updated, and new machines have increased production, making the future of coreless motors still full of hope.

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