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The Development Trend Of Servo Motor
- Oct 13, 2017 -

The development of the servo motor system has undergone a process from hydraulic to electrical. The electrical servo system is divided into a direct current (DC) servo system and an alternating current (AC) servo system according to the type of motor being driven. AC servo system according to its use of the drive motor type can be divided into permanent magnet synchronous (SM type) motor AC servo system and induction asynchronous (IM) motor AC servo system.

As the DC servo motor mechanical structure is complex, maintenance workload, including brush, commutator, etc. has become the bottleneck of the development of DC servo drive technology. With the micro-processing technology, the maturity of high-power power electronics technology and the development of electrical permanent magnet materials and cost reduction, AC servo system has developed by leaps and bounds and will gradually replace the DC servo system.

AC servo motor as a high-end precision motor control parts, the market demand will grow steadily, nearly 5 years, its application prospects will be very good.

Dedicated servo motor market demand can not be ignored

For the specific application of the customer, due to its special technical and cost indicators, universal servo products (including imported products) is difficult to meet the requirements, which requires tailor-made, in the original servo motor driver embedded user-specific motion control function, Greatly reduce product costs. These typical industry customers have a certain amount of demand, while requiring a higher reliability. Beijing and Lee Motor Technology Co., Ltd. digital servo products in textile equipment, printing equipment, elevator equipment, robots and other industries have mature applications.

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