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The Future Development Trend Of Servo Motor Industry
- Nov 01, 2017 -

Modern AC servo system, after reading from the simulation to the digital changes, the internal digital control loop is now ubiquitous, such as commutation, current, speed and azimuth control; its first through the new power semiconductor devices, like high Function DSP plus FPGA, and even the servo module is also coarse tea and rice. And the new power devices or modules every 2 to 2.5 years will be updated once, the new software algorithms are also changing, the international manufacturers of servo products will be updated every 5 years - the words, the product life cycle is shorter and shorter , Change faster and faster. Summary of domestic and foreign servo manufacturers of technical roads and product roads, contact shopping malls needs changes, you can see some of the following servo motor system, the latest opening trend:

High efficiency

Although the efficiency of the servo system has always been the primary to open the subject, but still need to continue to strengthen. Mainly including the high efficiency of the motor itself: such as the improvement of the permanent magnet material function and the very good magnet device structure plan; also includes the drive system of high efficiency: including the inverter drive circuit optimization, acceleration and deceleration movement optimization, Dynamic and energy response and very good cooling methods.

Direct drive

Direct drive includes the use of disc motor turntable servo drive and linear motor linear servo drive, due to the elimination of the base of mechanical transmission equipment transmission fault, and then the end of the high-speed and high positioning accuracy. The linear motor can change the shape of the characteristics of linear linear organization can use a variety of equipment to complete the miniaturization and lightweight.

High speed, high precision, high functionality

The use of higher precision encoder, higher sampling accuracy and data bits, faster DSP, no cogging effect of high-performance rotating motor, linear motor, and the use of self-learning, artificial intelligence and other modern control strategy, Continuously improve the basic policy of the servo system.

Integration and integration

The vertical integration of the motor, the response, the control, the drive, the communication becomes an open direction of the low power servo system at that time. Sometimes we call this integrated drive and communication motor called intelligent motor, and sometimes we integrated the motion control and communication drive called intelligent servo drive. The integration of motors, drives and controls allows the three to be more closely integrated from planning, manufacturing to operation and maintenance. But this method is facing a greater technical challenges and engineers use the habit of the fight, it is difficult to become the mainstream, in all the servo shopping malls is a very small feature of the part.


Universal drive is equipped with a lot of parameters and rich menu function, easy to users without changing the hardware with the conditions, easily set to V / F control, no speed sensor open loop vector control, closed-loop flux vector control, permanent magnet Brushless AC servo motor control and regeneration unit and other five kinds of operating methods, suitable for a variety of occasions, can drive different types of motors, such as asynchronous motors, permanent magnet synchronous motor, brushless DC motor, stepper motor, Not the same type of sensor or even no azimuth sensor. Can use the motor itself with the reaction of the composition of the semi-closed-loop control system can also be through the interface with the external orientation or speed or torque sensor to form a high-precision full closed-loop control system.


Modern AC servo drive has a parameter recall, fault diagnosis and analysis of the function, the vast majority of imported drives have a load inertia measurement and automatic gain adjustment function, and some can automatically identify the motor parameters, automatic measurement of the encoder zero, and some Can automatically stop vibration. The electronic gear, electronic cam, synchronous stalking, interpolation movement and other control functions and drivers linked together, for the servo users, it provides a very

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