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The Future Of The Motor Eventually Brushless
- Nov 10, 2017 -

The future, the motor industry will enter the brushless era?


Brushless DC motor brushless and commutator, so its name. By the motor body and drive components, is a typical mechatronic products. As a newcomer to the motor industry, although the history of brushless DC motors entering China is not long and the price is higher than that of brushed motors, the momentum of development is extremely rapid due to the obvious advantages of brushless motors. After entering China, it was quickly favored by the home appliances, automobiles, ships and machinery industries, and in various industries occupy a place, rapid development.


Why brushless motor can occupy a space?


The low price is undoubtedly the industry's brushless motor attack focus, why it can short period of time in the motor market place? In fact, this is similar to Apple's wonderful things, as long as you can guarantee the use of effects and quality will be able to attract loyal consumers. For example, the prices of Apple's electronic products are generally higher now. However, the market is still hot. Obviously, when the quality and price can only be one of two options, consumers with purchasing power will still give priority to using the effect.


Third, the brushless motor is controlled operation, will not produce shocks and out of step when the load is abrupt. By using a suitable transformation algorithm, the thermal performance can be improved, the motor speed range and response time can be better, the better electromagnetic isolation is possible, and the torque reaction is better.


To sum up: small size, light weight, long life, high efficiency, low noise, small vibration, no sparks, high reliability, good stability, strong adaptability, easy maintenance and maintenance. With excellent performance, brushless DC motor quickly attracted the attention of small, light, thin audio-visual products, mute appliances and luxury cars and other manufacturers. As a result, all countries have also accelerated the development of brushless motor products and take the market efforts. Many Japanese companies have successfully applied brushless DC motors to digital cameras, mini-recorders, camcorders, printers, storage mover, mobile phones, and car air conditioners, vacuum cleaners, electric vehicles and heart pumps.


Now brushless DC motor has been able to fully replace the DC motor speed control, frequency converter + inverter motor speed, asynchronous motor + reducer speed. With all the advantages of a conventional DC motor combined, the carbon brush and slip ring structure are eliminated and the torque characteristics are excellent. Medium and low speed torque performance is good, starting torque and starting current is small, stepless speed regulation, speed range, overload capacity. And the current conventional brush motor life is about 10,000 hours, brushless DC motor life is several times it.


In addition, because the brushless motor itself has no excitation and brush loss, eliminating the multi-level deceleration loss, the overall saving rate of up to 20% to 60%, so the price difference with ordinary motors can only rely on a power-saving A year later to recover the purchase cost, coupled with the Chinese government in recent years has been advocating energy-saving environmental protection, brushless motor can be said that the trend of motor development.


Believe that over time, the price will not become a stumbling block to prevent brushless motor occupy the motor market. In the foreseeable future, brushless motor will be completely eliminated brush motor, motor products will enter the brushless era. In order to meet the brushless era, the domestic ZLG Zhiyuan MPT1000 motor test system for the motor carefully prepared test system, will become the development of brushless motor wings.

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