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The Lack Of High-end Servo Motor Domestic Robot Is Still Difficult To Rise
- Jan 05, 2018 -

When we are talking about the lack of domestic core technology of robotics, the four core components need to be strengthened, talked about the most reducer, robot controller, servo system and less talk about the servo motor.

The current status of domestic servo motor is small is not big, big is not big! How to understand this? Low-power servo motors, miniaturization can not, generally long partial, such as light-powered robots commonly used 200W and 400W servo motor, Panasonic A6, Yaskawa Σ7 short and delicate motor.

In contrast domestic servo, generally longer, rough appearance. This can not be used in some high-end applications, especially in desktop robots with a light load of about 6kg. Due to the very small installation space of the robot arm, the length of the servomotor is strictly required.

Followed by the reliability of the signal connector has been highly criticized. Domestic servo need to continue to improve, and the connector miniaturization, high density is also a trend, and integrated design of the servo motor body is a good practice, the current Japanese servo motor is so many design, easy to install, debug, replacement.

Servo motor is another core technology of high-precision encoder, especially on the robot with a multi-turn absolute encoder, heavily dependent on imports. Not achieved localization, is restricting the development of China's high-end servo system, a big bottleneck. Encoder miniaturization is also the core technology of miniaturization of servo motor. Throughout the Japanese servo motor product changes, are accompanied by the motor magnetic circuit and encoder synergy development upgrade!

At present, domestic servo motor OEM manufacturers based on market share, mostly imitation Japanese servo motor design, more than 3kw power to small and medium power as much. The 5.5-15kw in the high-power servo did not lead to some applications on the device, because there is no high-power servo motor and drive support, and were forced to give up the entire system.

To sum up, the development model of Japanese servo system is hierarchical and coordinated development, the overall performance is excellent, and very similar to the development of Japan's robot. In China is to do the motor as a motor, encoder to do the encoder, do the drive to do the drive, there is no synergy, leading to the overall performance of servo motor and drive system is difficult to do well.

Followed by the lack of basic servo system research, including absolute encoder technology, high-end motor industrial manufacturing technology, production technology breakthroughs, the practical verification of performance indicators and assessment standards. These are the robot parts industry needs to improve the core components.

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