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The Millet Drone Was Recalled. The Official Said That The Upgrade Motor
- Mar 12, 2018 -

A few days ago, an announcement from Xiaomi Drone caught the voice of users.

The millet drone issued an announcement that Xiaomi will provide free replacement of the motor and free maintenance of the drone service for the 3,000 units of the publicly-sold millet drone 1080P. Allegedly, this service was provided because Xiaomi decided to use a brand new power-enhanced version of the motor in its final retail version of the 1080P specification.

In the Xiaomi Drone Forum, some users believe that Xiaomi's move may indicate that there are thousands of millet drones that have already been shipped with quality or safety hazards. The announcement issued by Xiaomi is to "recall" the unmanned aerial vehicles that have been sold in disguise.

Millet related sources said that after collecting the crowdfunded version of the user feedback, the official retail version of the millet drone will use power-enhanced version of the motor. Crowdfunding version of the motor is 800kv (kv is the additional idling speed per minute corresponding to 1v voltage, for example: 800kv motor, plus 1v voltage, 800rpm rotation when the motor idles, plus 2v voltage, motor idling 1600rpm), officially The retail version of the motor has been upgraded to 900kv.

After the motor specification is upgraded, the price of the motor will increase slightly. After the user's feedback after replacing the accessories, the drone's life time is not much different from that between the drones.

The real reason for replacing the motor:

The reason why the official retail version adopts the power-enhanced version of the motor is mainly because in the novice stage, if the user flies with four orange-red protection frames, the power of the aircraft will be lost and the performance of the aircraft will be affected. After a novice stage, the user does not have a protective shield during flight without adversely affecting the performance of the aircraft. Therefore, this upgrade is only an activity that the user voluntarily participates in.

At present, users have already obtained the UAV after the motor upgrade. From the user's feedback situation, the motor's model does not change, it is still 2212, the performance is similar to a stable single-axis XBD-2230 hollow cup motor. Allegedly, the enhanced version of the motor is mainly to improve the magnetic gap and slot full rate, compared with the previous version, power increased by about 26%, better power redundancy, and help the highest altitude flight.

It is understood that Xiaomi's products have to go through the application process to replace parts. After the application is passed, they have to solve the problem of different parts and components. The upgrade of the motor specification of the millet drone is based on the system and it is recommended that users replace these components. Otherwise, the users of the early crowdfunding may find the brand adversely affected.

In addition to the 3,000 crowdfunded products, Xiaomi drones have also been shipped with F codes and other channels. In this regard, Xiaomi said that if users of these products want to participate in this upgrade and maintenance activities, as long as the machine SN code is provided, it can be returned after verification.

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