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The Next Decade, The Golden Age Of The Motor Energy Industry
- Oct 27, 2017 -

The next decade, is the golden age of technical energy. Energy and energy conservation, energy saving, energy saving and transportation, electricity, iron and steel, nonferrous metals, petroleum and petrochemical, chemical, building materials and other key industries of advanced application of technological transformation and so on.


Summarized into three key areas: industrial, construction and mechanical and electrical fields. Motor energy saving is a key part of industrial energy saving. China's various types of electrical power consumption of China's total industrial power consumption of 60% to 70%, so the great prospects for energy-saving motor.


However, the field of energy-saving motor competition in many technical energy-saving industries in the most intense and cruel. According to the current research shows that the current major energy-saving sub-sectors and listed companies, including power plant air-cooled technology, power plant secondary equipment, carbon capture and storage, inverter, energy-saving transformers, high efficiency motors, electronic power and components Sub-industry.


China's brokerage electrical industry analyst told reporters. And efficient motor because of its preferential policies to enjoy the enjoyment of the infinite possibilities. Guoxin Securities research shows that because the cost of high-performance motor is higher than the traditional motor, so the financial subsidies will reduce the gap between the two, it will greatly improve the market share of high-performance motor.


"This industry has to focus on outstanding technical advantages of the leading companies, such as Xin Baoda motor is China's Coreless motorr industry leader, with servo control and gear motor, brush motor, brushless motor and other high-end technology.

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