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The Robot Is Quietly Entering The Lives Of The People
- Dec 01, 2017 -

In the past only in the industrial field of robot, now through the industrial production line to the service industry, come to the people, can be seen and can feel. From the restaurant ordering meals to the bank lobby customer service, from children's education to the elderly care and escort, from sweeping the floor to cleaning windows, and even driving schools also introduced the robot as a coach, the robot quietly entered the lives of the people, and gradually become the new favorite of the market.


With the advent of the era of AI, robots that only appeared in the industrial field in the past are now moving across the industrial production line to the service industry, coming to the side of the people, so that people can see and feel. From the restaurant ordering meals to the bank lobby customer service, from children's education to the elderly care and escort, from sweeping the floor to cleaning windows, and even driving schools also introduced the robot as a coach, the robot quietly entered the lives of the people, and gradually become the new favorite of the market. So, what changes do robots bring to people's lives? Will it steal the job of service practitioners?

The service industry has introduced robots in succession

One machine can attract curious eyes and provide customers with humanized service

When you are driving away from home, you will never miss the guidance of an intelligent navigation software. It will avoid congested roads according to real-time traffic conditions, recommend faster and better routes, and help you get to your destination quicker. Nowadays, artificial intelligence technology has gone deep into every corner of people's life, and has provided many conveniences to people with its gradual humanized service.

Intelligent robots are undoubtedly the best in the field of artificial intelligence. It is roughly divided into two categories, namely, industrial intelligent robots and special intelligent robots. As an important category of the special intelligent robot, the service intelligent robot is closely related to people's life.

Nowadays, the antennae of intelligent robots has been extended to more and more services. The robot coach is composed of a set of computer systems, a tablet computer and an antenna. In the course of the training, the whole course civilized language of the robot coach is no longer as hot tempered as the former driving coach, and is generally welcomed by young students. Not only that, the safety coefficient of the robot coach is quite high, which are embedded in the "security protection system for automatic braking technology of automobile, with the throttle, speed limit, mistakenly stepped on the electronic fence, obstacle warning multiple protection function, so as to ensure the safety of students in learning process.

In fact, many catering enterprises and educational institutions have also used the robot earlier, such as reception, meal, education, and so on. This year, some financial institutions and service companies in our province are also trying to use robots to play the role of customer manager, not only interacting with customers, introducing products and businesses, but also guiding customers to corresponding areas.

Robots walk into the homes of the ordinary people

Businesses are used to attract customers and are not involved in hard work at the moment.

From a light bulb, an old man's stick, a child's cart, an intelligent door lock, and a set of intelligent irrigation devices.

In recent years, the major electricity providers have also been working on the marketing of smart home devices, holding activities such as digital intelligence Festival, bringing the high-tech smart products that many consumers can't see to the life of ordinary people. The products cover smart home, wear, intelligent entertainment, UAV, robot and so on. The price range from several hundred yuan to tens of thousands of yuan. People are starting to use artificial intelligence more and more, and robots are beginning to go into the homes of ordinary people.

There is no doubt that robots have many functions such as information exchange, education and training, care and escort, learning feedback, and so on. The changes it brings to people's lives are multifaceted and omni-directional. And China is also expected to become the world's largest market for service robots.

More and more service industry began to use the robot, people can not help but worry about the service industry jobs will not be robbed of the robot? The use of robots in the service industry is not only an attractive way to attract customers, but it is still difficult to get involved in some of the more difficult jobs. In other words, the introduction of robots will greatly improve the popularity of stores and improve business performance. Robots need to be managed and manipulated, and employees can be completely free from physical labor to work on the management and maintenance of robots.

Nowadays, the service robot on the market is not the intelligent robot in the complete sense. It can only be called artificial intelligence, rather than real AI. In addition to interacting with people, future service robots should also mimic the various movements of people and provide a variety of professional and meticulous services.

Introduction of high-end robots in the medical field

With the advent of the era of "artificial intelligence", developed countries have put the service robot industry into its own development strategy. China has also introduced policies in succession, focusing on service robots as a priority development strategy in the future. Due to the small gap between domestic and foreign in the field of service robot, plus the service robot closer to the consumer side, it needs to closely integrate with the industry, and the domestic market has broad prospects.

Data show that the output value of Chinese service robots in 2016 reached 14 billion yuan, up 65% from the same period. It is expected that this data will reach 24 billion 500 million yuan in 2017, with a year-on-year growth of 75%.

In the field of "artificial intelligence", our province is not willing to lag behind. This year, we will focus on the construction of the "Ai industry" and the construction of new smart city, and create "Ai" industry province, and accelerate the development of AI strategy. In addition, with the national universities and enterprises to carry out large data, artificial intelligence personnel training.

Along with the development of artificial intelligence robot, need lots of accessories, Coreless motor and their replacement production, market expansion will be hitherto unknown, the national development and technology progress, Sinbad we make a great contribution to the motherland.

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