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The Total Size Of China's Industrial Robot Market In The Next 10 Years Will Reach 600 Billion Yuan
- Dec 23, 2017 -

As one of the key development areas of "Made in China 2025", robot is the key support equipment for digital and intelligent manufacturing industry, and has great potential for development. In April this year, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Finance jointly issued the "Robot Industry Development Plan (2016-2020)" and proposed that major breakthroughs should be made in key parts and components of robots in China by 2020 so that the annual output of its own-brand industrial robots will reach 10 Million units.

Under the double favorable market and policy, the domestic robot market has rapidly warmed up and the robot industry developed rapidly. In 2015, the sales volume of China's industrial robots reached 68,000 units, accounting for one-fourth of global sales and ranking first in the global market for three consecutive years. The industry is expected in the next 10 years, the total size of China's industrial robot market will reach 600 billion yuan.

However, behind the booming industry and the market, various problems in the disorderly development of the robot industry are beginning to emerge and three major worries emerge which demand great attention.

One is to guard against the industrial bubble. According to statistics, at present, 28 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly listed the robot and key components as a development priority. As of the end of 2015, there were over 40 robot industrial parks in the country under construction and under construction, and the number of parks in preparation was not included. The number of industrial robot-related enterprises reached more than 1,000 and the number of listed companies with the concept of robots exceeded 100. Robot companies seem to have become the honored guests of the governments of all localities. Regardless of the conditions for development there are strong support for capital, land and policies, which has led the robot industry to blindly follow the trend and rush into mass action. In addition, the listed companies to take the lead in the formation or participation in the robot industry investment, mergers and acquisitions fund is also growing, many of which rely on the concept of hype profitable companies.

The second is to break through the core technology constraints. R & D and manufacturing industrial robots, is an extremely complex system engineering, involving hardware, software, algorithms, applications and other fields. Among them, the core components are servo motor, reducer and controller. At present, the cost of the robot is about a ratio of 35% reducer, 20% servo motor, 15% of the controller, 15% of the machining body, and the remaining 15% is mainly applied. The key parts and components that China needs to manufacture robots account for a very high percentage of imports: 80% to 90% of gear units, 60% to 70% of servo motors, and 40% to 50% of controllers, making domestic enterprises have to use high Nearly 3 times the price of abroad to buy reducer, nearly 2 times the price of the purchase of servo motor, resulting in the domestic robot manufacturing costs generally higher, at a disadvantage in the competition, corporate profitability is not optimistic.

Third, to avoid the low-end high-end industries. The entire industrial robot industry chain, the upper, middle and lower reaches were parts, ontology and integration, while most of our business is still concentrated in the integrated end, mainly assembly and processing, the product is also mainly concentrated in the three-axis, four-axis In the low-end robotics. Relatively complex multi-joint robots, especially in the high-end industrial robot market of six or more high-end industries such as automobile manufacturing and welding, foreign companies still occupy more than 90% of the domestic market. In this high-end robot industry, we have been locked in the low-end links, profits are mainly taken away by foreign companies, most domestic enterprises only made a little processing fee. Moreover, the more so, the more homogeneous the homogenization of competition among enterprises, but also easily fall into the quagmire of low-end price wars.

Robot is the "crown jewel in the crown of manufacturing industry". Its development, manufacture and application are important symbols of a country's technological innovation and high-end manufacturing. In the face of the booming robot industry, we need to keep a clear head in mind, anticipate the possible situation early, and effectively create a favorable environment for the development of the robot industry in various aspects such as planning, system, policy and capital so as to effectively help and support the enterprises Research and development of core technologies, build well-known brands, and promote the robot industry stable and healthy development.

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