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UAV For Motor Type
- Sep 19, 2018 -
They produce a lot of torque and weigh relatively little. The heavy stator does not turn with the shaft. Only the other bell does. Its rotation helps to keep the stator cool. Brushless motors are also the most widely available for multicopters. Coreless brushed motors have very little inertia because only the coils are connected to the shaft. This is great if you want to abruptly change the speed or the direction of rotation. The brushes will not likely pose any issues. However, I have only seen coreless motors on microdrones. I believe that coreless motors achieve high RPMs, but very little torque. The more torque you have, the bigger the props you use can be. The bigger your props, the more efficient your drone. As efficiency is a big concern in Sinbda motor I would go for brushless motors. Brushless Coreless motors have those advantages: 1. Significantly improved acceleration and deceleration because the core in the rotor typically has 90% rotor inertia. 2. Reduce the hysteresis loss in the core. 3. During operation, the torque ripple is small, which makes the movement more stable. 4. Low inductance (because the coil is not wound around the core). Low inductance means lower sparks and easier implementation of power electronics. 5, usually compact design. Mainly because of how they are constructed. 6, may reduce the viscous loss (because the rotor shape is very smooth) 7. These features make coreless motors useful in robots, control systems, cell phone shakers and high speed CNC machines.

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