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Vegetable Transplanter With Coreless Motor Technology
- Oct 29, 2018 -

Recently, Ganzhou District Agricultural Machinery Bureau Spring Green Vegetable Planting Cooperative jointly introduced a vegetable transplanting machine, which is equipped with 48V, 3KW DC motor. The line spacing can be in the range of 250-500mm, and the plant spacing can be adjusted by microcomputer in the range of 100-500mm. The working efficiency is 3000-8000 plants/hour. The machine is easy to adjust, simple to operate, high in work efficiency, can meet the requirements of flat transplanting and ridge transplanting, and is suitable for transplanting plastic greenhouses and small-scale open vegetables.


This vegetable transplanting machine adopts the coreless DC brushless motor BLDC XBD-45100H of Sinbad Motor, adding encoder + speed reducer, with precise controllability, high speed and high torque, achieving environmental protection effect.


The introduction and promotion of the machine effectively solved the problem of labor-intensive operation time, labor intensity, low production efficiency, poor transplant quality and subsequent mechanized operation in the field management and harvesting.

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