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Warmly Celebrate Brushed Motor XBD1320 Successfully Entered The Electronic Cigarette Industry
- Jan 18, 2019 -

Recently, Chairman Hou of Sinbad Motor Co., Ltd. convened a sales meeting with the staff of the sales department. The theme is “The Brushed Motor XBD-1320 has successfully entered the Electronic Cigarette Industry”. After repeated debugging by the sample parameters of our engineers, the test was successful on the customer's product. At the end of 2018, 5 million orders were completed and customers received good feedback and renewed 10 million units and promised to establish a long-term relationship with Sinbad Motor! This news has made everyone motivated, ready to produce 10 million orders and tap into the e-cigarette industry market!

We believe that Sinbad Motor Co., Ltd., which combines quality and production, will lead all of staff to create a better quality coreless dc  motor to provide better service to customers!

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