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What Causes DC Motor Speed Instability
- Feb 28, 2018 -

DC geared motors are one of the most common motors. In the case of DC geared motors, there is often instability of the speed. Today we give a brief introduction to the DC motor speed instability reasons, as follows:

(1) first check printing speed selection potentiometer WT is bad, the main drive brushless DC motor is lit.

(2) Connect a 100W, 200V bulb to the DC output to observe the oscillation. First adjust 7W1, the current positive feedback should not be too strong.

[DC deceleration motor] After eliminating the possibility of damage 7C2, 7C3, 7W3, 7W4 can be adjusted repeatedly, while observing the lamp and voltmeter, transferred to make the lights flashing the weakest, all speeds are stable under rotation.

         Summarized, the key to the operation of miniature DC motor, you can pull the resistance method to improve the sensitivity of micro DC motor, by increasing the output voltage range to increase the load capacity, in order to better drive the micro-DC motor operation.

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