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The future of the motor eventually brushless
- Feb 27, 2018 -

Most electric bikes currently on the market still stay in the brushed motor stage. Brushed motor with mechanical commutation, the technical requirements of the control system is lower, the relative cost is lower than the brushless motor, brushed motor starting torque slightly larger than the brushless motor. But the fatal weakness is: short life, noisy, low efficiency. Long-term use of carbon brush wear serious, more easily damaged. At the same time wear and tear have produced a large amount of carbon dust, these dust fall gear oil, gear oil to accelerate dry, motor noise further increases. Brush motor use about a year or so will need to replace the brush, you will find that charging a mileage less than when the new car bought two-thirds, and lack of motivation when climbing, but also burn the controller. This is because the motor replacement carbon brush, the commutator has also been worn out of a groove, reducing the contact area of the carbon brush, poor contact carbon brush will produce sparks and speed up the oxidation commutator and copper, resulting in the above unpleasant sight.

Brushless motor to electronic commutation to replace the mechanical commutation, technically better than brush motor. Because there is no gear or deceleration device of brushless motor, it reduces the unreliability of motor wear. Its efficiency is higher than brush motor in a certain current range. Brushless motor drives almost no noise, and life expectancy of up to 10 years.

According to the comparison between the two, brushless motor is better than brush motor. At present, some electric bicycle manufacturers originally used brushless motors instead of brushless motors. Brushless motor is certainly the future direction of the development of electric bicycles.

Why brushless motor can occupy a space?

The low price is undoubtedly the industry's brushless motor attack focus, why it can short period of time in the motor market place? In fact, this is similar to Apple's wonderful things, as long as you can guarantee the use of effects and quality will be able to attract loyal consumers. For example, the prices of Apple's electronic products are generally higher now. However, the market is still hot. Obviously, when the quality and price can only be one of two options, consumers with purchasing power will still give priority to using the effect.

Second, brushless motors are more efficient due to the use of permanent magnets and no loss of magnetic core in the rotor. In the meantime, the use of permanent magnets can also reduce motor maintenance and extend the life of the motor.

Third, the brushless motor is controlled operation, will not produce shocks and out of step when the load is abrupt. By using a suitable transformation algorithm, the thermal performance can be improved, the motor speed range and response time can be better, the better electromagnetic isolation is possible, and the torque reaction is better.

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