• 1230 Low Noise Tattoo Dc Coreless Motors

    1230 Low Noise Tattoo Dc Coreless Motors

    Permanent make-up is derived from the tattoo, refers to the fine color pigments, the eyes or lips and other characteristics of a lasting outline. Permanent make-up is not irreversible compared to tattoos, as modern technology makes it possible to color...Read More

  • 12V Coreless Dc 1230 Motors

    12V Coreless Dc 1230 Motors

    Customized Motor Solutions XBD specialize in design, custom and manufacture electric motors,including DC Coreless Motor, Sonic Motor, Brushless DC Motor, Gear Motor, Servo Motor, DC Core Motor and Mini Step Motor.All of them can be fully and easily...Read More

  • Graphite Brush Coreless Motors

    Graphite Brush Coreless Motors

    Drawing Parameter Application areas Automobile unit: head light regulator, braking system automatic kitchen: fruit and vegetable juice extractor automatic toilet appliances: dustbin home appliance: cleaning robot, instrument & meter: timing system...Read More

  • Robotics Planetary Gear Motor

    Robotics Planetary Gear Motor

    Introduction Robotics planetary gear motor XBD-4090 Gear DC Motor is intended for high performance mobile robots. This motor is also available with an optional position encoder from. Gears are made up of high strength steel. Gearbox is made up of high...Read More

  • 32 Mm Coreless Brush DC Micro Motors

    32 Mm Coreless Brush DC Micro Motors

    Drawing The brushed DC coreless motor technology offers the distinct advantages of; – High efficiency, – High power density, – Low starting voltages – Absence of iron losses, – Good thermal dissipation – Linear torque-speed function. They are perfect for...Read More

  • 24v Door Lock Coreless Motors

    24v Door Lock Coreless Motors

    Brushless DC motor by the permanent magnet rotor, multi-pole winding stator, position sensors and other components. Position sensing according to changes in rotor position, along a certain sequence of the stator winding current commutation (ie, the rotor...Read More

  • 1718 Dc Coreless Motors 20900 Rpm

    1718 Dc Coreless Motors 20900 Rpm

    Specifications: High efficiency rate Stable performance, cost- effective Fast response on start up and shut down Small fluctuation of speed, fluctuation is normally controlled within 2% High energy density, light weight Low intertia drive Drawing Parameter...Read More

  • Micro Brushless DC Motors

    Micro Brushless DC Motors

    Sinbad Motor introduced DC brushless motor. With superior torque and speed, higher efficiency and package size to meet your needs, brushless DC motors can meet even the most demanding requirements. Brushless DC motors provide excellent speed and position...Read More

  • 13mm Dc Coreless Motors

    13mm Dc Coreless Motors

    Video introduction Typical applications: auto shutter, household appliances, office equipment, military, artificial limbs, textile machinery, chemical machinery, printing machinery, satellite ground receiving equipment, automatic welding equipment, power...Read More

  • 24v Dc Coreless Motors

    24v Dc Coreless Motors

    Drawing Parameter Types of Motors by Sinbad motor There are many types of motors. Big ones, small ones, fast ones, strong ones. Whether you need brute strength, blinding speed or delicate precision movement, there is a motor designed for the task. Quick...Read More

  • 2342 Spur Gear Motor

    2342 Spur Gear Motor

    Parameter Drawing How a Gear Motor Works A gear motor is a specific type of electrical motor that is designed to produce high torque while maintaining a low horsepower, or low speed, motor output. Gear motors can be found in many different applications,...Read More

  • 3263 Brush Dc Motors

    3263 Brush Dc Motors

    XBD DC motors are high quality DC motors with powerful permanent magnets. Powerful low inertia drive. Due to the small moment of inertia, the acceleration of the DC motor is very high. Drawing Parameter Brush Type DC Motors General Dynamics Ordnance and...Read More

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